Women Against Registry Dropping Jaws in DC

“The people in the studio literally dropped their jaws as I spoke,” Vicki Henry told me after her hour-long interview on the In Our Voices radio program on WPFW here in DC. “It had never occurred to any of them to consider the millions of innocent children and female relatives whose lives are ruined because of the public sex offender registry.”

Vicki Henry is a retired telephone company employee who co-founded Women Against Registry when a close relative of hers, who had completed a punishment already excessive for an Internet charge, then became all but homeless and unemployable–not because of his criminal history, but because of the registry.

In her interview Vicki talked about some of the many juvenile victims being swept up in the sex offender hysteria, including closely-aged “Romeo & Juliet” couples sent to prison when the parents find out, and about the vigilante justice victims such as an elderly sex offender who was murdered on his doorstep along with his wife by someone who had found his address on the public registry.

“The sex offender registry began in the 1940s in California as a way to register and track homosexuals,” Vicki told Nkenge Toure, the host of In Our Voices. (See the full story of how the gangster convict registration laws in the ’30s in Los Angeles became a homosexual trafficking tactic.)

Vicki has been an outstanding advocate for dispelling the myths and assumptions most people believe about sex offenders and the public registry. You can find out more about WAR at https://www.womenagainstregistry.org. I encourage you to listen to the interview at  http://www.wpfwfm.org/radio/programming/archived-shows. It’s the Wednesday, May 7 10:00am broadcast of In Our Voices.



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  • Robert Melling

    The best defense is an offense.
    All the victims of these registries number significant percentages of the population of the US.
    – A boycott of all US products and travel will begin to hurt if a serious coordinated effort is mounted.
    – Neighborhood defense systems can be created using cell phones, gps, security cameras, buddy systems.
    – Legal defense funds can be set up to make it expensive for the state apparatus to exploit registrants as if they were ATM machines or political fodder.
    – Those who monitor and investigate registrants can themselves be investigated using journalism and research methods

  • “””Vicki Henry is a retired telephone company employee who co-founded Women Against Registry when a close relative of hers”””
    Close relative?? Perhaps you should ask Vicki just how many offenders, convicted or not comprise her family? Son, Ex-husband and another member that we know of. The family is a nest of snakes and that gives Vicki Henry (Burton) license to “educate the public” on sex crimes? Surely you jest..

    • Just facts

      Val, you have not only lost your license to part of any debate on this subject matter, you’ve have lost your mind in the infestation of hatred cesspool. Everytime you open your mouth or write your creditability drops.

      • Your words not mine:
        1) An Uncle offended against your older sister
        2) Your niece by her stepfather
        3) Your ex husband against Your 6 year old son and was only disclosed when he was 22
        4) Your son when he was in the military for CP.
        Now feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I just happen to find it incredulous that with this “nest of snakes” you define yourself as an expert on the “prevention” of Child abuse. … and to add insult to injury..infer its the “registry” that actually harms children and not the abuse itself.
        Not sure what your definition of credibility is Vick, but encouraging the populace NOT TO TELL due to the “””harm”” the registry causes may not go down in the history books as one of your best strategies. Oh and that pathetic little protest you staged with a collection of true deviants to insult hundreds of “victims” with a toilet as a prop against sex offender laws..Nah Vick, I doubt that stunt will be included in “your cavalcade of hits”..

    • Hope

      So a 16 year old busty, dyed blond, wide- hipped, meth-smoking booze-drinking, class-ditching, pot-smoking, wild-partying, victimizer pursues an older lonely man, jumps all over him with the intention of having the XXX version of a good time and he is the one that is destroyed If it was consensual and it didnt harm anyone lets just call it an act of NATURE. That actually happened and it will continue to happen. GET OVER IT. First of all, do we need to go into details about how society, yes the general public, has been a part of sex offense enabling. Growing up sex was marketed and sold everywhere in every ad for products and in movies. This has come full circle and has to be calmed down but will take time just like the stop smoking campaign. Who do registered sex offenders and victims file class action lawsuits against that were responsible for filling their heads full of sex on every channel andnin every movie. Every tv channel and magazine has a woman or man undressing and acting out sex in everything especially Soaps and Reality shows. Everyone wants to be publicly desired for their sexuality. That is like promoting drugs for decades and then arresting everyone for consuming them. This is part of our history as much as promoting consumption of various deadly products that was known to kill people and they did it for profit. How is knowingly poisoning people to death and causing endless suffering and grief more righteous than many of the cases of sex offenses? You just dont get it and too srubborn and ugly inside and pretty much just want to punish someone so you can see someone hurt more than you yourself have been hurt in your entire life. Some sex offenses are heinous just as are many other types of crime. Bernie Madoff took his clients’ money and ruined many of them. What do you think that does to children and their futures? People like you are literally chasing people around and killing them with this Nazi system of justice. You think you are being righteous but the real joke is most of you posers that crow about going to church and being Christians are committing mortal sins against your own religion’s basic principles. You are users of Christ not followers. You have placed yourselves in God’s chair without permission through your own vile vanities, greed, self importance and general lack of respect that has been fostered in you by a hateful generation of dead eyed lost succubi. You dont even know your own Bible or you would know how to forgive. That is the number one thing Christ wanted everyone to understand. That is why he allowed himself to be convicted of crimes he was falsley charged with and put to death. The New Testament was a new beginning of forgiveness that condemed “An Eye For An Eye” of the Old Testament. You and everyone like you is what is known classicly as HYPOCRITES. It is you that should be punished for corrupting the churches with lies and insincerity and abusing the control that it commands. The victim is our way of life and this country. Do you know what was cool in the theaters when I was forming my opinions as a child? The Summer of 42 and tons of hot highschool girl movies that mixed ages. I can count more than 5 less than 10 older girls and women that practiced sex with me as a young man and only one of those was traumatizing because she tied me to a chair until I agreed to have sex and her parents were in their bedroom doing it. By todays standards I should be arresting quite a few women for victimizing me but it would be ridiculous. They didnt harm me. Your crackpot laws are harming is all and forcing this mess into our lives so we cant think about anything else. Thanks for ruining the only life I will ever live with all the fighting and hate. I just cannot thank you horrible awful evil things enough.

      • Ya may want to see someone about balancing those meds, reading your thoughts and opinions is like playing a video game..just sayin..

    • davidkennerly

      Val, I’m so glad you’re dead now.