Author: Andrew Extein


Salon: Report on Josh Gravens’ Letter to Lena Dunham

Salon’s Tracy Clark-Flory posted this great interview with Josh Gravens about his open letter to Lena Dunham. We are glad to see more people being enlightened about the issue of juveniles on the registry. As so many have done recently, Josh Gravens wrote an open letter to Lena Dunham. It read, “Many...


To Lena Dunham: From A Person Placed on the Sex Offender Registry as a Child

This post comes from CSJ contributor Josh Gravens. Dear Lena Dunham, You have been taking some heat for a passage from your book outlining what most psychological and developmental experts would call childhood sexual curiosity, if not just plain curiosity. I am glad you have defended your actions as a...

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LA Times: San Bernardino Inmates Allege Gay Discrimination in Jail

LA Times writer Hailey Branson reports on a new lawsuit against West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga for discrimination of queer inmates. We encourage any readers with experience in gay/LGBT housing units who want to share their stories to contact us at San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies called gay, bisexual...


Fear the Bogeyman: Sex Offender Panic on Halloween

With Halloween coming up, I thought it was important to repost this essay that I wrote last year and published on The Huffington Post. With the glacial speed at which sex law reform is happening, we fear that this essay will be all too relevant in the years to come. It can be said that...


Coalition Urges CA Governor: Protect Patients, Stop Gutting Confidentiality

(Los Angeles, California, August 20, 2014) — A coalition of nonprofits alarmed about the gutting of patient confidentiality urges California Governor Jerry Brown to veto pending legislation that requires mental health practitioners to police their patients and report a growing list of statements to law enforcement—or face prosecution and potential...


CSJ Stands with Ferguson

The events in Ferguson, Missouri this past week highlight the very real ways that race and class are criminalized in America.  The unwarranted killing of Michael Brown at the hands of law enforcement is just another example of a system of police brutality that significantly impacts communities of color.  It...


Luke Malone: You’re 16. You’re a Pedophile. You Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone. What Do You Do Now?

Gay journalist Luke Malone follows up his This American Life piece with this article about minor-attracted teenagers. Too often young people experiencing sexual attraction to younger teens or kids are faced with extreme self-loathing, anger, confusion, and suicidality. Believing that the entire world thinks you’re an incurable, violent, monster is an impossible way to...


Gay Shame Sanctioned “Prison of Love” Party Protest Results in 3 Arrests

From the words of Gay Shame: Here are some other links related to the events, and some more context for the protest below: Exclusive: Protesters From Prison-Themed Party At Armory Released Pending Further Investigation The Gay Shame 3 are out — and questioning’s version of events Gay Shame Facebook Page


Bitch Media: Letters Reveal the Lives of Transgender Women in Prison

From Bitch Media, a great print and online resource for critical thought about feminism from a queer-inclusive perspective.  It’s great to see that they are speaking about incarcerated transgender women, among the most silenced populations. Last August, the Army private now known as Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years in...


How the Criminalization of the Queer Community Affects Us All

In 2005, when Danny was 17 years old, he began dating a 16-year-old boy. Like many teenage romances, this one did not end well — but not for the reasons you might expect. When the 16-year-old’s parents found out about the relationship, they blamed Danny for “turning their son gay,”...