Author: Odell Huff


Prep School Crime & Punishment

Owen Labrie, the prep school rape defendant in New Hampshire, who’s been accepted into Harvard, admittedly seems to have perpetuated a dorm culture where the sexual conquest of female peers is seen as manly virtue–the more the better. And there does seem to have been at least some element of...


Gay Male Youth Sexual Conduct Policed and Punished More than Other Youths

Kaitlyn Hunt is an 18-year-old registered sex offender currently under house arrest for two years before she begins three years of probation surveillance. Her crime? As soon as she turned 18, the parents of Kaitlyn’s 14-year-old girlfriend turned her in to the police for child sex abuse. The case has...


Women Against Registry Dropping Jaws in DC

“The people in the studio literally dropped their jaws as I spoke,” Vicki Henry told me after her hour-long interview on the In Our Voices radio program on WPFW here in DC. “It had never occurred to any of them to consider the millions of innocent children and female relatives whose lives...