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Gay Cruising Stings in 2015? Yes, They’re Still Happening, and Yes, This is Mass Incarceration

co-written by Andrew Extein and David Booth Believe it or not, gay cruising stings still happen. The Washington Blade reports that just last month 12 men were arrested in a park near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, a once-popular gay vacation spot, on multiple criminal violations including offensive touching, criminal solicitation, lewdness, indecent...


Is Queer Sex Legal? How Homophobia Is Fueling Today’s Sex Laws

By Andrew Extein and David Booth. The Mattachine society was one of the earliest American gay rights groups, formed in 1950 to address the overwhelming discrimination gay men and other queer people faced. The criminalization of gay sex in the mid-twentieth century is well known and federal anti-sodomy laws weren’t off...