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Yasmin Nair: On Rentboy, Sex Panics, Feminism, and More

Queer writer Yasmin Nair has a great post on today’s Rentboy.com raid and how it relates to larger issues of gay politics, sex work, and sex panics. I’ll let it speak for itself, and you can read the post in its entirety here. Allow me to state the obvious: that such...


Yasmin Nair: There Is A Lot More to the Gay Marriage Story Than What Is In Jo Becker’s Book ‘Forcing the Spring’

Against Equality’s Yasmin Nair writes this illuminating response to Jo Becker’s new book documenting the Proposition 8 saga in California.  In her critique, she covers many of the core values of Against Equality including dismantling the harmful, violent, and dominant systems of marriage, the military, and prisons.  While these systems...